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White Picket Fence

Posted in History

In keeping with Piccolo’s beauty from the day we bought Piccolo we knew it would need a white picket fence.
We are a pet friendly property and the gardened wasn’t fence.  It now is and our furry guests can now enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of Piccolos garden as much as us.

I watch a few YouTube videos on what I should do, I went to work.  The first task being where to get the materials from. I was amazing at the massive price difference from different suppliers for the same pickets for $1.50 to $6 a picket!  8 posts, a good guestimate of 160 pickets and a couple of bags of concrete we were ready.

I think the hardest part was digging the holes for the posts.  You have to big half the amount of the post sicking out.  At the drive away end is solid sand stone I could only dig a foot down, but the concrete was solid and at the other end soft and boggy, easy to dig, but I couldn’t use concrete because it would never have dried.

It took about 4 days in total including all the painting.

Here are photos of the week.