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Wonky Weatherboard – 3 Jan 2013

Posted in History

Finished – 3rd January 2013

We are still not sure that when we replace the roof whether it was the original roof or not.  However, when they extended the house they didn’t add any eve’s and the roof flashing was over instead of under so the rain water was forced in and then down the side of the house.  There was also a drip spot from the flashing of the main roof, and both of these had rotted the weatherboard on the bedroom wall.   I had put this job off for about a year, but it was time.

I took the door out at the same time, it was south facing and made the room colder and didn’t really need to be there.

It wasn’t a hard job and we were able to add some insulation whilst we had the side of the hosue off.

Check out these before and after photo’s and below them is a time-lapse of the repair (the music still makes me laugh)




Piccolo weatherboard-5822 sm



YouTube Weatherboard